Salesforce Lightning Interview QA

I have compiled some Interview Questions related to Salesforce Lightning that are given below:

1 – One User is viewing a Lightning Component in which some fields are being displayed and in the mean time some other user have changed the value of the field. How do you ensure that user will see the updated value?

Answer – Using platform event. Streaming API will not work into the Lightning Environment.

2 – What is Lightning Data Service(LDS) ? What are the benefits of using LDS?

Answer – LDS is a standard controller for Lightning Component. Using Lightning Data Service we can Create, Retrieve, Delete and update records for which we do not need to write the apex class. Lightning Data Services ensures the FLS by itself. For more info see Here.

3 – When we can not use LDS in Lightning Component?

Answer – LDS is used for single record so when we are dealing with Bulk records then we can not use LDS.

4 – What is main difference between Lightning Component and Visual Force Pages OR Why we should go for Lightning Component?

Answer – Visualforce components are page-centric and most of the work is done on the server. Lightning is designed from the component up, rather than having the concept of a page as its fundamental unit. Lightning Components are client-side centric, which makes them more dynamic and mobile friendly.

5 – Will Lightning Components be replacing Visualforce?

Answer – No.

6 – Is Lightning an MVC framework ?

Answer – No, it’s component based framework.

7 – What aura:method does in Lightning Component?

Answer – We can Use aura:method to define a method as part of a component’s API. This enables us to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event

8 – How many Components can be used in a single lightning application?

Answer – There is no Limit.

9 – Will Visual Force page will stop working on Lightning UI?

Answer – No, VF page will work in the Lightning UI as Classic UI.

10 – Can we include external Library into Lightning Component?

Answer – Yes, we can include multiple library into Lightning component.

More QA updates soon 🙂


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