When to use Workflow VS Process builder

Do you know when you should go for which automation tool among Workflow, Process Builder, and Visual Flow? In this post, I will explain(with sample scenario) when to use which automation tool means which tool (Workflow, Process builder ) be best for which scenarios.

With Process builder, you can do a lot more than Workflow rule that are given below

Create a record

Update any related record(Master-Detail – Lookup)

Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call

Launch a flow

Send an email

Post to Chatter

Submit for approval

Call Apex methods

But the process builder doesn’t support outbound messages.


However, workflow can only perform 4 actions

Create Task

Update Field (Same Object or Master Object in Master-Detail Relationship)

Email Alert

Outbound Message


Scenario 1 – Whenever there is any change into Contact Name update Latest Contact custom field of Associated Account with the latest Changes into the account name.

For this scenario,  We will go for process builder because using  workflow we cannot update related record other than master detail


Scenario 2 – Update Latest Opportunity custom field of Account Object with the recently closed opportunity name.

Workflow is the right automation tool for the above scenario because the relationship between Account and Opportunity is Master Details and using workflow rule we can update master record and the same record.


Scenario 3 – Update all related case and Contacts with the same phone of account whenever account phone changed.

Process Builder will be the right tool to use here as we need to update all contacts and cases there may be more than 1 and Process Builder allows you to do the same.


Scenario 4 – Count no of child records related to master record into Lookup relation.

No toll can do this for you. You have to go for the custom solution using Apex Trigger.


Scenario 5 – Count no of child records related to the master record in Master-Detail relationship.

It’s a trick you must go for the roll-up summary field into Parent Object. We do not need to use any tool or custom development


Visit below link for more info.

Which Automation Tool Do I Use?

Note: – In short,  process builder can do anything that workflow rule can instead of outbound message and process builder is the future of Workflow because salesforce has stopped enhancing the Workflow rule but they are still providing the support for this.


2 thoughts on “When to use Workflow VS Process builder

  1. Dinesh November 29, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    How can I update parent record from child using work flow give me steps by step process


    • Amit Singh November 29, 2018 / 3:46 pm

      If the relationship is Master-Detail then only you can update Parent Record


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