Difference between Action function, Action Support, and Action Poller

Action Function: –

Action Function is used in the Visualforce page to call the Service Side method using JavaScript and does not add the Ajax Request before calling the Controller method.

<apex:actionFunction name=”myactionfun” action=”{!actionFunctionTest}” reRender=”pgBlock, pbSection” />

Let us talk about above example. In any Javascript Method where the name of ActionFunction ( In our example myactionfun() ) will be invoked, it will call the controller method name actionFunctionTest. Example myactionfun();

Action Support: –

As the name indicates action support is used to provide the support to the input field where we can not get event either manually or external event. It adds the AJAX request to VF page and then Calls the Controller method. For

For example, if we want to call any server side method when input changes then we will go for action support because we can not get any event for this.

<apex:inputText value=”{!dummyString}” >
                      <apex:actionSupport event=”onchange” action=”{!actionSupportTest}”                                     reRender=”pgBlock, pbSection” />

Action Poller: –

A timer that sends an AJAX request to the server according to a time interval that you specify. Each request can result in a full or partial page update.

<apex:actionPoller action=”{!incrementCounter}” reRender=”counter” interval=”15″ enabled = “true” />

Enabled attribute is used to make poller as active or inactive by default value is true. If we provide false then poller will be inactivate.


Click Here for Live Demo.

For Complete Code Click Here.

Any questions come up in comment Section!


2 thoughts on “Difference between Action function, Action Support, and Action Poller

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