Debugging Lightning Component tips and trick

Unlike Apex we can not debug lightning component very easily. So, I have found some solution here it may help others while developing the lightning component.


In this post, I will tell you how to debug lightning component. I have faced the problem while debugging the lightning component. So, I am posting the blog here that will help the other Salesforce Developer that are working on Lightning Component.

Right Click on the Component that You want to Debug

Select Inspect Element

Inspect Element

Select Network Tab and then Select XHR tab

After you selected XHR tab, refresh the lightning component so that error can be reproduced if the error is while loading the component otherwise perform the action where you are getting the error like onclick, onchange or any client-side action.

Debug Track 1

1 – Select Network Tab

2 – Select XHR tab

3 – Filter the response (enter your apex class method which is being called on the action from javascript)

4 – Select filtered response

5 – Select Response tab, copy and paste the response into notepad and you will get the complete detail about the error.

Debug Track 2

If you have any questions please come up into the comment section with.

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