Important Salesforce Interview Questions of different Companies

Accenture Interview Questions

1)   What is Dynamic Approval process?

2)   The flow of execution in the validation rule, triggers & workflows?

3)   Assignment process & validations.

4)   Difference between & Trigger.old?

5)   Trigger events? & context variables?

6)   Batch Apex?

7)   Will one workflow effects another workflow?

8)   Syntax for upsert & undelete trigger & Purpose undelete?

9)   Case management?

10)   If we want to upload data through DataLoader, what the changes to be done?

11. write a trigger on Account, While inserting a text value as ‘someName’ ended with ‘text’ ex: ‘renuText’ On Account Object it should through an error. How you will achieve this…??
12. How you will write Validation rule for above scenario while inserting the record and Validation rule should not fire while updating form workflow it should accept.
13. In one of the object, there are two fields called Field1 and Filed2 exist and we have 100,000 records, out of 70,000 record values are equal in field1 and field2. Now Display those 70,000 records on the visualforce page.
14. In an Account Object a field called ‘Sales Person‘ and it has lookup relation with the user object. If the user is selected as the salesperson for a record, that user able to see those records, but OWD is private, record owner and admin will not share any records.

15. Soap & REST Difference and in which format these are used to send and receive.
16. How to get the external ID from other system and update it in Salesforce ExternalID field, if you get null value from another system how you will through an error.
18. Why we use @future annotation?
19. What is an asynchronous process and why it is needed?
20. What is the purpose of using with sharing and without sharing?

Deloitte F2F Interview Question

1 – We have 3 objects Account, Contact, Opportunity.   In a VF page, we need to display the names of contact & Opportunity which are related to Account.

2 – One object (s1) & 3 tasks (t1, t2, t3) are there. Each task performing discount related stuff.   Write a trigger that should calculate the sum of 3 tasks.  And if any task is modified than trigger should fire automatically & perform the same.

Ans: List listoftasks = [select id, name from Task where];

3 – How can you convert a lead?

4 – What is your Role in your project?
5 – Explain 2 VF pages developed by you?
6 – How will you deploy? Have you ever involved in deployment?
7 – How will you test your code through Sandbox?
8 – What are the custom settings? Types?
9 – Difference between SOSL and SOQL in Salesforce?
10 – What is Sales cloud & Service cloud?
11 – can a Checkbox as controlling field?
12 – SOQL & SOSL? Diff between SOQL & SOSL?
13 – Difference b/w External ID & Unique ID?

14 – What is System.RunAs () is test class?
15 – Explain  Test.setPage ()?
16 – Why Governor Limits are introduced in

TCS F2F interview

1 – About project?
2 – What are standard objects used in your project?
3 – Governor Limits?
4 – How many types of relationship in Salesforce.
5 – Have you experience Data Migration?
6 – What is the Roll-up summary field?
7 – What is the difference between sales cloud & service cloud?

Capgemini f2f Interview Questions

1) Briefly, explain about yourself?

2) What is Salesforce architecture?

3) What all the services provided in cloud computing?

5) What is the difference between profiles and roles?

6) What are web services? why we need to go for them? What is WSDL? What is SOAP?

7) Here you attended Capgemini written test. If you got selected here you will be sent to technical round..if you got selected in the technical round then you will be sent to HP for client interview, because HP is the client to Capgemini. If you got selected finally.Then you will be put into work.  This is the scenario. which process do you apply here either “WORKFLOWS” or “APPROVALS“.

9) How you will make a class available to others for the extension? (Inheritance concept)

10) In the process of creating a new record, how you will check, whether the user has entered email or not in the email field of Account object? Validation Rules

11) How you will write a javascript function that displays an alert on the screen?

12) What is the value of “renderas” attribute to display o/p in the form of Excel Sheet?

13) How you will get the javascript function into the Visual-force page?

14) Can we create a dashboard using the Visual-force page? and what all the components we use here?

15) What are web tabs?

16) How you will add an attachment from VF page? tell me the component names to achieve this functionality?

17) Security(OWD, Sharing Rules, Manual Sharing).

18) Rate yourself in salesforce?

21) You will be given pen and paper, they will ask you to write some simple code.

American Express F2F Interview Questions

1)  What is the trigger in Salesforce? Types of Trigger?

2)  What are default methods for Batch Apex?

3)  Analytical snapshot?

5)  Other than Data Loader any other way to import Bulk Data?

6)  Explain any scenario occurred you to work beyond Governor Limits?

7)  How u will do Mass Insert through trigger?

7)  How u will do Mass Insert through trigger?

8)  If I want to Insert, Update any record into ‘Account’. What trigger I have to use?


1) There is a field billingAddress in company object. Whenever a new employee is inserted or an old one is updated employee’s billing address should be copied to company’s billing address. The company is master and employee is the child. Write trigger.

2) There is a checkbox__c in opportunity. Write a batch class to update(checkbox__c  = true) in all the opportunity which is created in last 1 hour.

3) Write a trigger to delete all the contact created while lead conversion. Prevent the contact creation while Lead conversion. Is this possible?

4) Write SOQL query to get all the Account having contact.

5) Write SOQL query to get all the Account having no contact.

6) Write SOQL query to get all the Account having lost opportunity.

F2F HytechPro Questions

1 – What is fieldset in Salesforce? Field Set
2 – What are setup and non-setup objects in Salesforce?

3 – Write a trigger to insert a contact and user when the account is created.

4 – What is Mixed DML and how would you handle it.

5 – What are lightning components? Have you ever developed any lightning Component?
6 – Does your company works on Lightning component or Lightning Experience?

7 – Responsive Email templates?



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