Salesforce Interview Q & A Series Part-1

The more experienced we are, the more we grow to understand that the questions we ask or the answers we give in an interview say a lot about our enthusiasm and level of interest for a product, company, or organization.

I am going to publish of series of questions here, this is part 1

1 – What is App in Salesforce?

An app is a group of abs which works as a unit to provide a functionality. The user can switch on the another app by using the dropdown list.

2 – What is Object in Salesforce?

Objects are most likely Database tables in other databases like (Oracle, MySql, etc). Objects are of 2 Types. Standard and Custom Objects. Standard Objects are those that are already present into Salesforce CRM like Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and etc, Custom Objects are that we create to fulfill our business need. Objects are used to store the data into Database.

3 – How many relationships included in SFDC & what are they?

Relationships in salesforce are given below: –

a) Master-Detail Relationship

b) Look-up Relationship

c) Self Relationship

Relationships Among Objects

Create Object Relationships

4 – What is view state?

View state holds the state of the visualforce page, holds the state of fields, component and controller state. Whenever you will use the <apex:form> tag in VF page view state will automatically be created and saved in encrypted format. Max limit for view state is 135KB.

5 – Vf page size?

Less than 15MB

Visualforce Limits

6 – What is Future Method and when to use it? Give a scenario where we can use the future method.

Future methods run asynchronously that means when resources will be free future methods will execute most likely Queable Apex and Batch Classes.

We use future method methods to avoid the Mixed DML operation!

Example: – If we are making DML on any setup Object like User, UserGroup, PermissionSet, and etc and then after making the DML on any non-setup objects like Account, Contact, and etc then we will face Mixed DML error and to avoid this error we will use the future method. We can put any one of the DML operation inside the future method.

7 – What is Lookup Relationship in Salesforce?

Lookup relationship is used to connect one Object records with another object records, we can create up to 25 lookup relationship into an Object.

The lookup field is not required one while creating the child object record.

If we delete the master record in lookup relationship then child record will not be deleted from the database only value in lookup field will be deleted.

If we undelete the Lookup field from recycle bin then the value in lookup field will be restored.

8 – What is Master-Detail Relationship in Salesforce?

Like Lookup relationship, the master-detail relationship is also used to connect one object to another object. We can create only 2 Master-Detail relationship field into an Object and it works vice-versa.

Master-Details field is required while creating the Child Records.

Child records will be deleted if we delete the master record.

If we undelete the master record from recycle bin then, child records will also be undeleted means restored into the database.

We can create Rollup Summary fields into Master Object.

9 – What is the RemoteAction annotation in Salesforce?

The RemoteAction annotation provides support for Apex methods used in Visualforce to be called via JavaScript. This process is often referred to as JavaScript Remoting. It will not count in view state. We often use JavaScript Remoting to develop the complex VF pages that can not be created using standard AJAX functions.

JavaScript Remoting Example

10 – How to download the VisualForce page as excel in Salesforce?

<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><span style="font-weight: 400;"><apex:page controller="contactquery" contentType="application/" cache="true"></span></p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;">

11 – How to create many -to-many relationship?

We can create the Many-to-Many relationship in Salesforce using Junction Object.

Example: – We have 2 Objects called Bug and Program. A bug can be related to multiple programs and a program can be related to multiple Bug. So, to find this which bug is related to which program, we will create a new custom object with 2 Master-Detail Relationship of Bug and Program Object.

12 – What is Junction Object in Salesforce?

A custom Object with 2 Master-Detail Relationship is Called as Junction Object.

13 – What is the tab in Salesforce? Type of tab?

The tab is the user interface component for displaying the custom object data.

Types – Custom Object Tab, Visualforce Tab, Web Tabs and Lightning Component Tabs!

14 – List things that can be customized through page layout?

Fields, related list, buttons, custom links, we can also create sections.

15 – Self-relationship in Salesforce?

It is a lookup relationship to the same object.


I will post the next part of this series ASAP. Enjoy reading 🙂 😀 🙂

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